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Pink Label is a fictional brand grounded in real-time distribution with its own website, zine serialization, products, and identity. The brand features content involving East Asian pop culture, fashion, female adolescence, and growing up in a first-generation immigrant family within a transparently consumable and distinctive style.

Pink Label Online Shop is formatted like that newspaper circular undesirably jammed in your mailbox every Sunday. Click on the advertisements to see how the products look like in real life. Order form is fully functional and you can expect to receive product within 1-2 weeks. On campus addressees can be delivered in person within a week or less.

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Pink Label zine series is a year-long serialization with a new issue every Thursday. Each booklet displays just one piece of content pertaining to everyday life, and the topic could be focused around the cultural objects that we consume, clothes that we wear, and/or childhood memories that we hold. Content usually revolves around fashion, female adolescence, consuming East Asian pop culture or cultural products.

Pink Label ‘s year-long interactive satellite exhibit in Frist Campus Center, Princeton University 2017-2018 is a station where posters, zines, and other print materials can change out every week. Passersby are free to interact with, pick up, and take a piece of the installation with them.

Pink Label (Continuous Reward) explores the impact of viral East Asian subculture on constructing Asian American identity, and how it was primarily pushed into mainstream attention as a result of female-dominated adolescent creative consumerism and brings the teen girl literary and artistic form into a gallery space. Heavy inspiration was drawn from the kawaii/idol culture collectively promoted in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, particularly within teen-girl-driven Japanese Harajuku and Korean idol subcultures that allow for creative consumerism. This project builds upon this world existing in both fantasy and reality. Pink Label is fanfiction: it combines elements from a variety of pre-published sources to create a new imagined alternate universe. Materials (both online and in print) were dispersed to public in real time from September 2017 until the final exhibition in April 2018.