Lucas Gallery, 185 Nassau | Exhibition: April 23-27 | Reception: April 26th 7:30pm

The project explores the impact of viral East Asian subculture on constructing Asian American identity, and how it was primarily pushed into mainstream attention as a result of female-dominated adolescent creative consumerism. It attempts to push the teen girl literary and artistic form underneath an academic lens. A lot of inspiration was drawn from the kawaii/idol culture collectively promoted in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, particularly within teen-girl-driven Japanese Harajuku and Korean idol subcultures that allow for creative consumerism. This project builds upon this world existing in both fantasy and reality. In this way, it is loosely based off the nature of fanfiction by borrowing elements from an array of different sources in order to create an imagined alternate universe within the individual’s imagination. Materials (both online and in print) were dispersed to public in real time from September until the final exhibition in May.